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Derrick Wells
Program Director

Derrick Wells is a native Californian who was raised in Mountain View, where at an early age he knew that he wanted to do. He learned from entrepreneurial family members, that he would have to take risks in order to pursue dreams he was passionate about. As a result of their influence, he became a business owner, starting a janitorial and home inspection business. While maintaining his home inspection business, he felt compelled to get into Law Enforcement after his nephew was incarcerated from being associated with a well-known street Gang.

Derrick has a long standing passion for youth. He has worked with youth through his fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha, and was encouraged by his Pastor, Dr Ephraim Williams, to invest into the lives of the youth at their church over 12 years ago. Since then, he has been part of different mentoring programs at Elementary Schools, Middle Schools and High Schools.

Over the years he has seen a deterioration of accountability between the parents, teachers and counselors with urban youth which in turn, leaves the African American males in our urban communities misguided and left behind. He is dedicated to making change in the community by sharing his life experiences with elementary and high school students with the goal to inspire them and challenge youth to be willing to take a chance on themselves and become more responsible for their choices.

He clearly recognizes the African American males are struggling with a sense of identity and believes that he has much to offer them, because he grew up in a single family home like many of the youth he comes in contact with. He can identify with many of the challenges they face. His desires for ACE are to help reestablish the progressiveness of urban youth toward positive outcomes. Through the efforts of ACE, youth will begin to transform the way they think, helping them to discover their potential and ways that can enhance their lives and their community.