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ACE is a 501(c)3 Tax Deductible Corporation

Donations received on behalf of ACE Enterprises, Inc help support the programs and activities created for the positive development of at-risk boys directly associated with ACE as well as, the greater Sacramento area.

IMG_0991Donations are used for some of the following programs and activities:

  • Materials, handouts and videos for group meetings and discussions
  • Travel expenses for Educational Interest Site Visits (Local/National)
  • Lodging expenses for Educational Interest Site Visits (National)
  • University/College Visits
  • Secure local and national role models for speaking engagements
  • Securing meeting venues for youth motivational community discussions and seminars
  • Supporting personal development opportunities (Camps, Athletics, Music Interest)
  • Assist with tutorial support
  • Technology and computer related training

All of the programs and activities that the boys are involved in with ACE are designed to help motivate the boys and young men to want to stay in school, achieve the best grades possible, and develop an outside interest and high level of engagement in their communities.

ACE Enterprises, Inc sincerely appreciates your support along with the commitment you have demonstrated for a better, more knowledgeable and safer generation of male youth.

Check back frequently to view video and/or photos on how donations are used to support the organization.

Thank you again for your investment in the development of our youth and our communities.


Send checks to: ACE Enterprises Inc.
9780 Tundra Swan Circle
Elk Grove, CA 95757