Attitude, Commitment & Excellence

ACE Enterprises approach to educating, motivating, and inspiring young at-risk African-American male youth to succeed and become productive members of society is unique and unlike any other organization with similar goals. The program's goal is to turn at-risk youth into students that consciously accept responsibility for their personal future and their day-to-day actions.

ACE embodies the philosophy that the right ATTITUDE along with a genuine COMMITMENT is the formula for EXCELLENCE. Overall, ACE is looking to create a better educated, preserved and non-violent community by positively developing career-driven young men.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to equip at-risk African-American male youth in the Sacramento region with the knowledge, skills and exposure to improve their educational achievement along with enhancing their social awareness and involvement as they work towards becoming successful citizens in society. ACE is a 501c 3 Non Profit.